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Emerging Artists, Week 1: Best Friends Forever by 20watts
February 12, 2008, 3:10 am
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We’ve all had a best friend at some point in our lives. Maybe it was the stuffed animal you wouldn’t let go of as a child, or the loyal pal who had your back in middle school. Whatever the relationship, having a best friend is comforting. Minneapolis-based musicians Jes Seamansand Bri Smith wanted to celebrate their best friendship, so they formed the indie-pop band Best Friends Forever.
Jes and Bri grew up together in a small Minnesota town. Now in their twenties, they draw on their childhood bond to craft lighthearted but sincere songs you can’t get out of your head.
Bri plays guitar and keyboards, Jes plays bass, and they both sing. Their friend Joe Rand plays drums. Their friendship is apparent as their complimentary vocals blend together with ease and familiarity.
BFF’s lyrics pop back and forth between playful and literary. A Gore Vidal novel about Abraham Lincoln’s life inspired the song “My Head in Front of Your Head.” The song opens with “Abraham Lincoln I would like to go back in time to be your wife / Not because I’d be the first lady, but because I think you’re charming.”
The melody is catchy enough that you almost forget the song is about a president. Plus it’s instructive: after hearing the song on a Minnesota radio station, a high school teaching assistant started playing it in her history class.
BFF also pay tribute to former President Eisenhower for starting the Interstate Highway system. The tempo speeds up and slows down, with the vocals darting between song and conversation. Fans of the lo-fi and endearing Kimya Dawson (most recently known for her contributions to the film Juno) will also find a friend in BFF.
Best Friends Forever released their CD, Romance Conflict Adventure, last year on No Idea Records. According to their Myspace blog, they will be playing two shows in Austin next month.
– Christina
For more downloads, videos, and similar artists, check out BFF’s profile at last.fm.
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