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20 Watts Interview with Andy Davis, 2/12/08 by 20watts
February 16, 2008, 3:27 am
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No fancy lighting. No backing band. Sandwiched between Schine Underground’s signature blue pillars, Andy Davis and Matt Wertz put on a show that didn’t need all the bells and whistles many of today’s musicians are asking for. They put on a great show in an intense yet mellow way, with plenty of crowd participation and fun being had in between.

I sat down with Andy Davis after the show to discuss a couple of things.

20 Watts: How did the exclusive deal with Barnes & Noble come about?

Andy Davis: Barnes & Noble was interested in doing a thing kinda like Starbucks does, you know how its kinda like releasing music directly from the artist to the consumer without going through a major label type thing and my manager happened to be friends with some of the executive guys at Barnes & Noble and so he threw my name in the hat for what they were doing and and they listened to the record that we were working on and really felt like they wanted to support it and everything you know and so we did this exclusive thing and I agreed to let them be the only place that could carry it for a little while and in exchange they were promoting it really hard in all their stores.

20 Watts: Let the Woman is your first full band LP right?

AD: Yeah pretty much, I did a little experimenting with full band stuff on the Fine China EP but this is kind of the first full record, kind of full band, fully developed sound.

20W: Is that a different kind of game than doing it mostly yourself then?

AD: Well you know, even though it is a full band instrumentation, I played most of the instruments on it. I didn’t play drums but I played most everything else. It was cool you know. I really respect a lot of musicians who like to play all the instruments on their records, you know like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney like solo records – he did a lot of that stuff you know and even like Lenny Kravitz and Prince, people like that who play all the instruments. I kinda aspire to that one day, you know? And fortunately the producer I was working with really encouraged that a lot. So, it was fun.

20W: And you worked with Mitchell Froom on this one right?

AD: Yeah, it was amazing. He was kind of a hero of mine before I got to work with him and you know, cause he had done records for Paul McCartney and Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raid and Crowded House. Randy Newman was a big influence of mine and he did records for him. My manager, the same guy that got the Barnes & Noble thing, got him to come to a show that I was playing in Los Angeles and he came out to the show and you know, dug the music, and we went out and hung out afterwards and we just kind of talked and talked about music and how records should be made, and we were just really on the same page.

20W: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing music?

AD: Um, I would either be like writing scripts for film, for movies, or I would be playing golf on the PGA tour.

20W: Nice, how do you know Matt [Wertz]?

AD: Matt and I have known each other for a long time. I actually played bass and opened for him on tour like three years ago or whatever and so tonight when I was playing along to all the songs I was flashing back to my memory banks from three years ago to try to remember how to play the songs. But yeah, we’ve known each other for a long time. We lived in Nashville and ran with a bunch of the same friends so we see each other a good bit outside of music anyway, just same group of friends you know.

Andy Davis was cool enough to plug WERW as well shortly after…

– Bill

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