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Industry News, Week 2: The Jacksons, Tokio Hotel, Myspace Music and Warped Tour by 20watts
February 27, 2008, 11:44 pm
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Call when you need them, and they’ll be there. Anddd just when we thought they might be gone for good…dun dun dun… THE JACKSONS return! That is right, music’s first family of creepy is back in the media this week. Janet Jackson, for one, is just fresh off of winning an Image Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married. She also happens to be in the tabloids quite recently for her relationship with Jermaine Dupree and their “will they or won’t they get married?” status. On top of all that, her newest album Discipline drops on Tuesday. Aside from Janet’s triumphant return, Michael also happens to be back in the music world. His most notable album Thriller was re-released on Tuesday for its 25th anniversary. I can recall my parents owning it on vinyl in my youth, but this edition is far from the record I listened to as a child. Of course, it’s on re-mastered CD as opposed to vinyl, and it includes 6 new songs remixed by Akon, Fergie, Kanye West, and Will.i.am. The set also includes a DVD and a booklet including history, song lyrics, and photos before Michael Jackson became, uhm, the baby-dangling-Neverland-Jesus-Juice-drinking Michael that we all know today. So whether you want to expand your music collection, brush up on your dance moves, or just relive your youth – Thriller is there if you need it.


On Monday German pop-punk sensation Tokio Hotel made their US debut in New York City playing to a packed house of hormonal teenage girls. The New York Times claims that the band appeals to fans of HIM and AFI, with their sound and spiky-headed front man, Bill Kaulitz. I personally think they sound more like My Chemical Romance, who have fallen out of the spotlight since the release of their latest CD, The Black Parade. Could it be that middle-schoolers in their black hoodies and eyeliner have moved on from The Used and other such pop-punk bands of Warped Tours past? Only time and TRL Countdowns will tell….


It was just last night that I was thinking “Hmm I really need to download some music, yet I don’t want to use my credit card to buy songs on iTunes.” (Because FYI if you weren’t aware, Ruckus does not work on Macs). So as a result, I called my mom and asked to use hers…and she laughed at me.

Well, turns out, I might not have to wait too much longer to get free music legally. Everyone’s favorite high school website, Myspace, is attempting to establish a relationship with a major label to give people free streaming music supported by ad revenue. As most music fans know, Myspace has had a heavy hand in establishing many rising bands and artists; however, Myspace gets no profit from this, and its biggest competitor, Facebook, has already established a partnership with iTunes. Myspace is attempting to change their image from a “social networking site” to a site focused on giving people free media content.


Everyone’s favorite summer pasttime, Warped Tour, announced its lineup this week. So throw on those ripped jeans, Converse sneakers and favorite band tee and head out to see bands such as As I Lay Dying, From First to Last, Gym Class Heroes, Jack’s Mannequin, Paramore, Reel Big Fish, Say Anything, The Academy Is…, All American Rejects, The Audition and more.

– Rachel

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