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On-Campus Artists, Week 2: Jason Charles Steklof by 20watts
March 1, 2008, 11:49 pm
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Okay, so I love acoustic guitar, but I’m so sick of hearing these surfers and jocks try to show emotion by grabbing a guitar and playing the same riff over and over. I’m sorry, but you’re still shallow. Anyways, I hit up a few open mics the last two weeks in search of new local artists, and boy did I find them. Let me just say, talent on campus actually seems to exist. Okay, enough of me rambling, this week, I’m featuring Jason Charles Steklof!

Who: Jason is a freshman SU student from Rochester, NY majoring in music industry. He plays piano and has been playing guitar since he was 14. Overall he’s a pretty typical guy.
What: This kid is pretty freakin’ cool. I mean, I’m not all down for the “let me show my love through a song” man, but his songs are pretty good – really good. All the music is mellow and down to earth. I was listening to his mini-demo for a few hours, no joke, and I just sort of slipped into the music. He admits he writes mostly love songs, a few inspirational songs, and I think he possibly mentioned a political one, but that’s a bit iffy. He’s also written a couple songs on the piano. Anyways, his songs are about lost love, new love, found love, uh, love. Well, I’m a sucker for love songs. Give me some chocolate, chick flicks, and Jason’s CD and it’d be a pretty sweet night…
When/Where: If you’re from Rochester, look for him playing venues around town during summer, such as the Water St. Music Hall. Otherwise, check out the open mics on campus and you may see him performing. He’s also working on a record deal, so keep your eyes open for that.
Why: Well, Jason’s a pretty laid-back kind of guy and says that he’s always wanted to be a performer. He’s mostly influenced by Dave Matthews Band (his favorite artist), Ben Harper, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, David Gray, Coldplay, and more acoustic kiddos.
Sounds like: Okay, when I saw him perform I thought, “oh, another Jack Johnson.” I completely changed my mind. His guitar melodies are a lot less bouncy and sunny, thankfully, and his voice, okay, no joke, is a mix of Bob Dylan and John Mayer. I don’t know how you want to take that, but I find it pretty damn cool. If you have no idea why I’m in love with it, go listen to Mayer’s “Bold as Love (like the first 5 seconds because I don’t think anymore John Mayer could be tolerated) and Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee.” I’m not going to lie, it’s good.
As always, I’ll keep you updated on any up & coming shows/ possible records.
– Angelica
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