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Releases of the Week, Week 4: Smile by 20watts
March 3, 2008, 11:56 pm
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Boris – Smile (Diwphalanx release)

Boris returns to their hard rock/drone/doom metal/psychadelic rock form for an album whose sole intention seems to be to blow out as many speakers as possible. This album does feel a lot less drone-ish than past albums and borders more along the lines of noise rock.

The album starts off on almost a complete opposite note from Rainbow with メッセージ (Message), starting off rather slow but picking up in noise and intensity over the course of seven minutes. More notably is the Pyg cover of 花・太陽・雨 (Flower Sun Rain). It starts to slow down with 君は傘をさしていた (You Put Up Your Umbrella), however in the middle of the 9-minute track, it picks up with heavy distortion to flow into the nearly twenty-minute bonus track.

Hard-core Boris fans should not have a hard time adjusting since Boris has basically been all over the play stylistically, but the casual listener might not fully appreciate the often overly distorted sound.

– Ryan

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