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Emerging Artists, Week 4: The Carrots by 20watts
March 4, 2008, 11:57 pm
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One of my former roommates had a hi-fi record player I came to love. I started collecting vinyl, mostly the kind you find at thrift stores, e.g. classical music, polka music, and if I was lucky, some good late seventies and early eighties classics like Blondie and Michael Jackson.
Sometimes I would splurge on used records at a real record store, and I often gravitated towards sixties girl groups like the Supremes, the Shangri-Las, and the Shirelles. So when I discovered the Carrots, a modern day version of the sixties girl group, I was hooked.
The Carrots – Chris Lyons, Jennifer Moore, Veronica Ortuno, Jason Pittman, Erin Budd and Stephanie Chan – formed in 2005 and seem to be taking off. In January, the Carrots signed with the Spanish pop label Elefant Records, which has also released records by Camera Obscura and Stereo Total. According to their Myspace page, the band will release their first 7-inch on Elefant in March, and will continue releasing 7-inches throughout the year.
One track I would covet to have on record is “Beverly.” The catchy keyboards and drums provide the perfect backdrop for sweet vocals. The Carrots croon, “Beverly stay away from me / You break my heart everytime you leave.” The lyrics are the perfect blend of playfulness and sentimental longing, a theme that often surfaces in sixties pop.

To keep the feel good vibe of sixties pop alive, the Carrots tend to wear matching outfits and smiles in their live performances. Last year, the band told The Daily Texan they have gotten a positive response from their Austin audience, a scene notoriously saturated with indie rock.
The Carrots will have the chance to charm other cities this May, when they begin a cross-country U.S. tour.
– Christina
For more on the Carrots, see Austin’s Sound Off or check out the downloads on Gorilla vs. Bear.
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