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March 18, 2008, 12:10 am
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10:55 Last song, it’s called “California.” My editor just told me to talk more about the music. If you ever want to write a liveblog or as I call it liblog, don’t have your editor staring over your shoulder. Nevertheless I shall endeavor to discuss the music at hand. It starts fast then gets slow and the coda is jazzy. My friend just came over to say, “dancing guy is a demi-god.” This is my last taste of his glory tonight. Okay he’s collapsed on a chair. Bravo sir. Bravo.

10: 54 Unable to describe this current song I turn to dancing guy who’s turning in a startlingly original performance. It’s a bob and weave special.

10:47 Ok this song wants to cuddle with the second verse…

10:46 I want to go to sleep I’m spent.

10:45 Super slow ballad. I sense another soaring chorus. It’s gonna be like climaxing in my ears. Wait for it… wait for it… slow cello comes in over piano chords…. here it comes…. yessssssssssssssssssssssss!

10:40 The band announces a love song that goes out to Kevin. It has a big Queen-esque chorus. Just how I remember love…. like a soaring Queen ballad…. ahhh I wish I was Kevin.

10:38 A cover that I don’t know… Dancing guy is pulling out an elbows heavy swing. Moving into the robot… briefly the dolphin… he’s putting on quite a show. 20 watts should just hire this guy.

10:33 OH wow they have an electric cello, she’s good. I want an electric cello. I’d also like a hoverboard…

10:24 My last two posts have been deleted by my dear editor. So I report respectfully that the next band, White After Labor Day, is on. There’s a decent crowd. No dancing yet. Well this one guy who’s been dancing all night. He’s pulled off some great movies, including drinking a big glass of ice water while dancing a while ago. Currently he’s pulling off a shuffle in front of the keyboard. Thus far the most entertaining thing in the room.

10:15 I’m at Funk and Waffles, drinking tea. My friends are here. Sophistafunk just finished playing. They played funk rock. Or… funk. I’m not sure if it was funk or funk rock. It’s a major problem. They also had a rapper come on, which means that it was briefly funk(rock) rap. He wasn’t a good rapper so it was bad funk(rock???) rap. Or as I call it, bafurockrap.

– Matt

**Editor’s Note: we did ask dancing boy for his permission to post about him, and he was okay with it. Props to him AND all the bands for a phenomenal show.


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