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Releases of the Week, Week 13: Cut Copy and Tokyo Police Club by legionnaire12
April 22, 2008, 2:19 pm
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Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy’s second album has already reached #1 in the Australian charts, and with good reason. In their first LP release in four years, Cut Copy has surprised the music community, generating more listens in the past three weeks as the past six months on music site Last.fm.

In Ghost Colours feels like one continuous, fluid thing; songs transition into each other like any good dance album. Sometimes, it borders on summer powerpop, as in “Unforgettable Season;” sometimes, it’s a Daft Punk look-alike; and others, its borderline trance, “Out There on the Ice.” There is a wide range of influences one this one – sometimes it feels almost like 80’s synth-pop. There aren’t any weak points in the album, another upside, but there definitely are those moments you just want to shout “OMGZ!~!” and dance.

Cut Copy have set themselves up to have one of the top albums this year. In Ghost Colours smoothly blends several styles several bands have failed to mix properly. Others, like Maxïmo Park, have come close in recent years, creating something similar, but nothing quite to this degree of music heaven.

Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

Over the past two years, Tokyo Police Club have put out numerous singles and EPs. Unfortunately, the track record for bands that delay putting out a full-length LP after all the hype build-up doesn’t usually go in their favor. Tokyo Police Club had generated a great deal of hype prior to the release of Elephant Shell with quick, catchy tunes and a stellar live show.

On Elephant Shell, familiar favorites like “Graves” and “Sixties Remix” supplant newer songs on the album. Although there are quite a few old ones, re-done on Elephant Shell, they don’t feel old. The re-done “Tessellate” and “Your English Is Good” are particular standouts. Unfortunately, they left out fan favorite “Box” on this LP.

Tokyo Police Club have been a heavily hyped band in recent years, and it’s good to see them succeed. Elephant Shell, named after a song not on the album, does not disappoint. Luckily, there have been at least two hyped bands that have met or surpassed expectations; Tokyo Police Club, without a doubt, has proved that they were worth the wait.


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