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On-Campus Artists: Akuma Roots by whydontuproveit6
April 27, 2008, 10:25 pm
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Alrighty, it’s been quite a while since I’ve brought you a new artist, but I’m totally making up for it right now. So I’ve been looking for really good bands, because yeah, individual artists are great, but bands are better (I’m just saying…). Anyways, I saw this band a few months ago and I have been obsessed with them, so I feel that you should be too!

Who: Akuma Roots. The band consists of members from Ghana, Jamaica, and Syracuse: Kimani Britton (vocals) Faheem Fain (keyboard, vocals) Marshall Henry (Bass) David Etse Nyadedzor (djembe, vocals) Tucker Dahlke (guitar) Josh Williams (drumset, vocals) and Marty Klueber (alto sax).

What: Akuma Roots plays “reggae music for your mind, body and soul.” It’s good-feeling, upbeat, body-moving music. It’s live and real and filled with energy. Basically if you want some good rhythms and sounds you need to listen to them. The instruments are all perfectly in sync and the good-looking band members don’t hurt either.

When/Where: Check out venues in Syracuse such as Funk n Waffles or the Metro Lounge & Café on Westcott St. They just played a show on April 25th at Funk n Waffles, so make sure to keep a look out for their next one. To hear more, make sure to check out their MySpace.

– Angelica

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