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Emerging Artists, Week 10: Tender Forever by caclarks
April 30, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Last summer I saw one of my favorite bands, Electrelane, perform live in Minneapolis. Tender Forever, the one-woman pop act of French native Melanie Valera, was supposed to open. But, for whatever reason, she wasn’t able to make it. Hopefully, someday I’ll have the chance to see her live again, because she makes nuanced music that is simply good.

“Heartbroken Forever,” from her 2007 K Records release, Wider, combines electronic sounds amidst Valera’s lilting vocals that venture into high pitches which never fall flat. “The Magic of the Crashing Stars,” from the 2005 release, The Soft and the Hardcore, delicately balances between serious and playful, finally ending with a chant and a resounding, “Yeah!” It’s an unexpected ending, which makes you want to hear more.

Fans of Mirah and The Postal Service will find Tender Forever a complimentary, but distinct artist to add to their playlist. Anyone going to France or Spain this summer may be able to see Tender Forever live this summer, as she has shows planned through July.

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