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Scene Around Town: September 18-24 by Alison Baitz

Welcome to a new column! Check back here for weekly events listings, so that you know about all things music happening in Syracuse. No music scene? Very funny everyone…

Thursday 18 September 2008
The Riot Before, VMT, Alex and the Imaginary Friends 5:00pm @ Castle Rockmoore
Murali Coryell @ Dinosaur BBQ
Revision 8:30pm @ Funk n’ Waffles
Every Avenue 7:00pm @ Westcott Community Center

Friday 19 September 2008
Horndogs @ Dinosaur BBQ
The Reissues and The Action! 6:30pm @ Syracuse University Quad
Unicorn Basement, Evan Paschke and sort of Erik Ino 9:00pm @ Spark Contemporary Art Space
Minutes per Second, The Aviation Orange, White After Labor Day and Excuse Me Gunmen 9pm @ Funk n Waffles
Mrs. Skannotto 11:00pm @ LeMoyne College
The Goonies, Endive, Cliff Diver 10:00pm @ The Lost Horizon

Saturday 20 September 2008
Jimmy Cavallo @ Dinosaur BBQ
The Scarlett Ending, TBA 8:30pm @ Funk n’ Waffles

Sunday 21 September 2008
Turnip Stampede Duo, Buddhahood, Ronnie Baker Blues @ Block party in front of Dinosaur BBQ
Westcott Street Cultural Fair
This Frontier Needs a Hero @ 2nd Story

Monday 22 September 2008
Turnip Stampede Duo @ Dinosaur BBQ

Tuesday 23 September 2008
Legendary Jones Gang @ Dinosaur BBQ
Sophistafunk 8:30pm @ Funk n’ Waffles

Wednesday 24 September 2008
The Naughty Lil’ Pig Show @ Dinosaur BBQ
Open-Mic Night 8:30pm @ Funk n’ Waffles


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– Compiled by Alyssa Rusak

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