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Editor Picks 23: Good Albums Coming Out! by Melissa M. Daniels
October 1, 2008, 4:24 am
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So, this fall there’s tons of hyped of records announced to come up–from new Kanye to new Metallica, whatever. Personally, I’m excited for these guys’ new CD. Copeland is one of those bands that started off in the sad indie rock scene, but with their latest release “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” I think they’ve gotten really good at composing and crafting sounds–a very soft, full, ambient sound. The title “You are my Sunshine” kind of makes me quesy, but the singles I’ve heard off of the record so far are pretty great.

I’d cut off my left arm if I could afford to see them and Lovedrug in New York at the end of October. Lovedrug’s new CD has me all sorts of excited, too. They’re another group that’s great at the composed, theatrical sound. The singles off of “The Sucker Punch Show” definitely excite me for the record. I think they’re better at the album than the single–a kind of band that’s often overlooked.

– Melissa Daniels, copy editor

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