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Editor Picks 24: The Last Shadow Puppets by Jen
October 1, 2008, 4:26 am
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So I know this may be old news to some of you music snobs out there, but recently I’ve been listening nonstop to the debut of The Last Shadow Puppets’ (TLSP) The Age of the Understatement, which was released in May. And what’s so special about this grandiosely-named band, you ask? First consider that the entire CD sounds like a lush, string-filled James Bond soundtrack by way of David Bowie. Then, take in the fact that TLSP is actually the side-project of badass Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame and Miles Kane of the Rascals and the band becomes even more interesting.

While Turner used his raspy voice to lend Arctic Monkeys a hard-edged, garage band feel, he’s softer and more boyish here, and harmonizes brilliantly with Kane, giving each song a romanticism heard only fleetingly on Arctic Monkeys’ sophomore album. Check out the title track from The Age of the Understatement below and revel in its momentous, spaghetti Western-feel. Then download the album’s best track, “My Mistakes Were Made for You” and keep your fingers crossed that the producers of the next Bond film will use it for the opening montage. If all else fails, just close your eyes, sip a martini, and dream of cruising around in a vintage Aston Martin while Turner croons in your ear of “innocence and arrogance entwined/in the filthiest of minds.”

– Jen Gramer, senior editor

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