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Editor Picks 25: Chromatics by alexandrakish
October 2, 2008, 3:21 am
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Ever since I’ve gotten home from L.A., I can’t stop listening to electro.  It’s very, very strange, because up until recently I didn’t see how people could jamp to synths and fast beats.  But, the west coast is a very different land–the people out there are really kind of ahead us of when it comes to music trends.  And this is one music trend that I really hope settles here in CNY.

For those of your looking to expand your music genre into the dance pop world, check out Chromatics.  This Jersey dream-pop band is just bring a dark touch to their smooth, disco tracks.  The lead singe’s list, wistful vocals mix perfectly with their minimalist style, which focuses on light mixing and simple melodies.  There’s not a lot of information on this band other than the fact they’re signed to Italians Do It Better Records and that a few of their tracks are featured on its Dark After Triple compilation LP.  But anyway, check out “In The City” to get a sense of this bands dark disco sounds.  And, oh yeah, log into your Myspace account to download all their tracks FOR FREE! Get your groove on, baby!

-Alex Kish, Reviews Editor

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