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Editor Picks 30: New Killers–Let’s See where This Goes by Melissa M. Daniels
October 9, 2008, 11:28 pm
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After The Killer’s first album, I thought I had found a rock band that was targeted toward rock music fans against–not emo, not hardcore, not retro, just…rock music. For this century. A little New Wave, a little pop-song format, but basically something that sounded just catchy enough. Sam’s Town followed, with sweeping introductions, over-epic sounding progressions and jittery synths. I’ll take it–it’s not a bad record at all. But it didn’t do as well critically, and the band who formerly hit the scene with the spark  lost something for mass fans and critics alike. No one talked about Sam’s Town the way they did Hot Fuss.

But now, they’ve come up with Day & Age, which I’m pretty excited about. It’s good to see bands whose follow-ups don’t match their initial success keep pushing. Maybe they’ll find their niche in this a new dance-tempo style, or maybe they’ll just seem like they’re going the way of more bands–the way of the electronic artist. It’s easy to  pre-and-post production songs till they sound like something cool. My fear with this is something too doctored up. Now I’m a big fan of really well done editing, where the sounds are calculated and cleaned up to sheer perfection. Unnecessary noise and sounds are another story–and as the writer has worked on Madonna’s newest release I’m sure the record will be effects-tastic.

Please don’t sound like Madonna, Killers!

– Melissa Daniels, copy editor

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