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Editor Picks 29: The Best Doggies Around… by alexandrakish
October 9, 2008, 11:27 pm
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Oh man, oh MAN! I love Dr. Dog. They just kick major ass. I know these guys have been around for a while–their debut album came out in 2002–but I just discovered these guys via stealing the music off my roomate’s iPod.  Everything about this band appeals to me.  The lead’s singers whiny, tenor vocals contrast perfectly with the band’s strange mix of indie, 60’s pop-sound and simplistic instrumentation.  Although I prefer Easy Beat to We All Belong (I don’t have their debut or newest album yet) I seriously recommend you to check this Philadelphia-based band out before everyone starts screaming their name.  Or maybe everything one is.  Whatever man…all I know that their songs “Say Something” and “Oh No” are now the two most popular songs played on my iTunes and I only got their album a week ago.  Gooood shit.

-Alex Kish, Reviews Editor

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