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Releases of the Week: Murs and T.I. by zegoldst
October 12, 2008, 11:13 pm
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Murs – Murs for President

Murs is fed up and ready to change the game.  The beats on this album are tighter and better than ever before, which is to be expected from his major label debut.

There are more star appearances on this album than on previous releases, and though they don’t always mesh, when Murs steps to the mic with Snoop Dogg on “Time is Now” it just feels right. Murs is dominating the California hip-hop sound and despite his attacks against “rappers that just want to talk about guns and dope” he gets incredibly intimate on this album. On “Road Is My Religion” he even talks about the hate and stress when he leaves home to go on tour.

If you like beats that bang, verses that make a difference and rappers who aren’t afraid to speak the truth then this is your album. The hip-hop scene needs a new representative and Murs is the one to elect. Make sure you vote early and often because this is the truth.

Best Track: I’m Innocent

T.I. – Paper Trail

Atlanta-based rapper T.I. created this entire album while under house arrest for illegal possession of guns, so it’s no surprise that this album is pretty personal. On “Ready For Whatever” he gets more intimate and discusses his possession charge in full and even states “I’m wrong and I knew it” in one of his verses.

Despite his newfound morals, T.I. still finds himself recording many tracks about money and women. “Whatever You Like” is about giving everything to one of his loves. The beats are more fluid than his previous albums and all of the appearances on this album are top-notch. Having an album with artists like Ludacris, Rihanna and Jay-Z… how could you go wrong?

Every track is a new anthem and all these songs offer a backdrop to the party scene that is hip-hop. Overall, “Paper Trail” is what can be expected from this Southern rapper: hard-hitting beats and an all-star cast that helps emphasize the sweat that went into this album.

Best Track: On Top Of The World Feat. Ludacris & B.O.B

-Zach Goldstein


Murs album is better than ti’s

Comment by hester

love the new murs album!! and the video is sick! peep it!

Comment by riko

The Lookin Fly video is hype!!! I love it! But that Murray’s Revenge DVD will be off the chain

Comment by missyblu

When does the DVD drop? I have to get mine!

Comment by Niki

I think the DVD has already dropped. The Murs album is pretty off the hook. I do like it more than T.I.’s. I was kind of upset “Better Than The Best” wasn’t on it. That track is ill.

Comment by Zach

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