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Editor Picks 31: 80’s Goth Pt. 2 by Alison Baitz
October 13, 2008, 2:24 am
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Welcome back to my humble celebration of October with 80’s goth Editor Picks. Last week, as you may recall, you got a short lesson on Bauhaus. This week, take some time to get to know one of the most quintessential bands of this genre name that I sort of made up: JOY DIVISION.

Both dark and danceable, it’s an obvious pick for many. You are probably at least familiar with one song in particular, or at least know that it’s covered a lot. Though a great song, my personal favorites are “Isolation” and “Disorder,” the latter from the album Unknown Pleasures, with the album art depicted above. Check out the clip below to listen to “Disorder,” and to check out some photos of the band [do you know how hard it was for me to find a video of them actually playing this song live? Impossible!]

Also you may have heard there was some movie made about the lead singer, Ian Curtis… I’m ashamed to say that I have not yet seen this film, but have rented it and will watch it tonight, scouts honor.

– Alison Baitz, Editor-in-Chief


oh its not impossible… you just have to know what to look for. and as a huge joy division fan, i do!

here’s their first tv performance.

a similar scene is shown in the film Control (highly recommended), but they play transmission instead of shadowplay. good pick.

Comment by Tuan Le

Tuan you are so right. I meant to say that I couldn’t find them playing “Disorder” live. I think I found a video with the audio, but I wanted the goods- the visuals.

Comment by Alison Baitz

oops, must’ve misread that! should rock Control’s (the film) take on disorder… its sweet.

Comment by Tuan Le

No I definitely changed it.. you called me out!

Comment by Alison Baitz


It’s the only band I ever want to hear other than Joy Division. and J. Holiday.

Plz post a video of thug commandments for your readers soon.

Comment by Caroline

TBP is next week’s! duhhhh caroline.

Comment by Alison Baitz

[…] felt the same. This week we’ll focus on a band even darker then last week’s pick: The Birthday Party. It is a band led by Nick Cave that my Goth mentor, Caroline Barrett, listens […]

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