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Editor Picks 33: The best American songwriting of the year… by Melissa M. Daniels
October 15, 2008, 4:56 am
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Apparently, country artists take the official prize for being able to write the best songs–eat your heart out, indie poets.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers awarded Alan Jackson  song writer of the year, and gave Reba McEntire their equivalent of a lifetime achievement award. (Read more here!)

To me, something about this seems odd. Granted, most country songs tell stories and tales–what a song should do. But so many artists do it in different ways now, that I wonder if the society looks at all music, just it’s members, or just the genres it deems credible. 

Regardless, I lovelovelove that their are organizations like this giving props to songwriters. Often, music fans forget those who are behind the radio hits we hear. When most bands write their own damn stuff, it makes sense they should be recognized as songwriters too. But because they’re writing songs for themselves, the pieces often aren’t as timeless or re-doable as, say, a Reba McEntire song.

Anyways, that’s just news. If you’re looking for something to listen, i highlyyyy recommend the new Kings of Leon record, Only by the Night. One of their hardest rocking albums yet, this album really sucks you in to a true rock sound, and lead singer Caleb sounds better than ever. The first single, “Sex on Fire,” is a great way to get into the album if you can’t download the whole thing–great, hooky chorus, though the rest of the album feels a little more soaring than upbeat.

Quick facts about this band–they’re three brothers and their cousin, and they’re way bigger in Europe than they are here. This album may just change that–America needs to relive it’s bluesy southern rock days. Now that stuff is quality American songwriting…

– Melissa Daniels, Copy Editor

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