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Editor Picks 37: Brand New, bitch! by alexandrakish
October 21, 2008, 6:03 pm
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Being a reviews editor of 20 Watts sure is sweet sometimes–especially when you get put on a listserv in which you get tons of FREE digital CDS to look over for possible inclusion the magazine.  I’m loving it.

One the biggest gems I’ve gotten was Anni Rossi’s debut album Afton.  Rossi is a 22-year old classically trained artist who uses mainly viola in her compositions.  Her scratchy, whiny voice blends pefectly with the wild melodies of her songs (which sometimes speed up and transition from one movement to the next without clear rhyme of reason.) But who the fuck cares?  Who says art–especially songwriting–has to be linear anyway.  Props to Rossi for doing things off the cuff.  Check out her song “Wheelpusher” to get a look at her manac, unique sound.

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