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Editor Picks 39: Staind live at Turning Stone Event Center by jmwein01
October 24, 2008, 11:04 pm
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On October 3rd, Turning Stone Resort and Casino’s luck was not just given to the gamblers, but rather a crowd of the exact opposite: music lovers. Turning Stone’s Event Center hosted the well-known performing band, Staind as they performed their first show before touring with Seether and Papa Roach nationwide. The venue was jam packed with diehard fans enthused to hear what Staind was about to bring to the stage.

Staind opened with “Suffocate,” and followed with their popular hit single “Right Here Waiting,” as Aaron Lewis, lead vocalist of the band, lured the crowd with his powerful voice and passionate lyrics. The band played a variety of songs ranging from their heavier music like “Cross to bear,” and “For you,” to a more mellow dramatic tone with songs such as “Epiphany.” They also included never forgotten songs such as , “Outside,” and “It’s been a while.” Fans also enjoyed hits off the new album, The Illusion of Progress, including their new radio single, Believe, and “Rainy Day Parade.”

But Aaron Lewis was not the only band member responsible for constant applause. Lead Guitarist Mike Mushok, said by many to be one of the most energetic performers to hit the post grunge scene, kept the crowd alive the whole night with frequent jumping and smiles. On the new album, Mushok solos for the first time and shared this solo with the crowd during the show.  From the glow on Mushok’s face during every song he performed, it was no secret he was having the time of his life. His presence, along with the band’s unique talent to sway the crowed through their original music, reminded each fan how honored they were to be in Stand’s presence.           

The show’s backdrop consisted of a screen that showed video clips, which told a story for each song through vivid imagery. These clips enabled the audience to leave reality for a few hours and to simply be a part of Staind’s music, new and old. Many fans agree that Staind has come far with their sixth album, revealing a different side to the band that does not include the usual dark, gloomy tone. “All I Want,” and “Believe,” are songs that exemplify the band’s more hopeful, brighter lyrical tenor. It is also the first album in which Lewis has taken a political stance lyrically and also includes the band’s first take on a pop song.

Lewis ended the concert by thanking his fans who have supported the band for almost 13 years now. The response made it clear they have never been disappointed. The band wrapped up the show with the traditional closer, “Mudshovel,” and headed off to begin their US tour the following day in Columbia, MD. Fans rushed towards stage left as Lewis exited, raving about the intensity of this pre-tour kickoff performance. Staind is set to play next at the Tulsa Convention Center in Oklahoma on Friday, October 24th, continuing to show how diverse music can be through the band’s eyes, one show at a time. 

-Joanna Weinstein


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