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Editor Picks 39: 80’s Goth Pt. 4 by Alison Baitz
October 27, 2008, 4:53 am
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What a dark yet informative month it’s been. I’m a little bit sad that October only contains four Sundays, but I’ll try my best to make this post count. Last week we explored the humble beginnings of Nick Cave. This week, let’s check out another great band: The Jesus & Mary Chain.

You’ve probably heard this song, “Just Like Honey.” It’s off of their amazing album Psychocandy. The entire thing is thirtysomething minutes of pure listening joy- fuzzy and perfectly dark. Though this popular track is pretty slow, don’t be fooled- there are several songs off the album that are going to make you want to move.


As promised, this post is striving for awesome. So check it: I realized through this month that the 80’s goth sound is not confined to only one decade. Here are some modern bands that conjure those comforting images of thick, dark eyeliner:

M83– The video for “Kim & Jessie” sucks, but this electro outfit is perfectly dark. I particularly recommend the aforementioned song. Also note the fall foliage-like album art on Saturdays = Youth.

The Radio Dept.– Made visible by Sofia Coppola [also note the presence of TJ&MC in Lost in Translation], this Swedish band’s sound transitions between albums… but check out “Freddie and the Trojan Horse” as well as “Pet Grief.” Actually, check out all their music.

– Alison Baitz, Editor-in-Chief

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