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On-Campus Artists: Celebration of Life by Kuan
October 28, 2008, 1:29 am
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Remembrance week events had been all over the campus last week.

I rolled my eyes when I looked at the web page of SU events. Scrolling down with my mouse, the screen was full of places to go for remembrance. I didn’t go to any of the others, besides this one: Celebration of Life. I felt I made the best choice. 

Seriously, this dance performance is so touching that almost made me cried. The girl in the picture had tears in her eyes on stage. The name of the dance is For Good, Wicked, by Jess Discipio, Melissa Pantojan, Dominique Stasiulis.

Folk Selection on cello performed by Rosie Rion.

Selections by Black Celestial Choral Ensemble. 

Good performances made me feel like time flies. I realized an hour and a half just passed when I spared my attention to my watch when the audience started to leave the Hendricks Chapel.

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