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Editors Pick 45: CAUTION– Black Ice Ahead by Jamie
October 30, 2008, 2:29 am
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Throughout history we’ve demanded more from our musicians. First we begged them to be rock stars. Then we demanded movie stars. From there we’ve run through politicians, business moguls and philosophers.

It seems only natural that in our efforts to become guitar heroes or start rock bands that we look again to musicians to become what we desire most: Video Games.

And leading the way as our sacrificial lamb is AC/DC, a band poised to rapidly regain their position as the best band in the world.

Black Ice, AC/DC’s dazzling new album, sold 784,000 copies in its first week, making it the fastest selling rock album of 2008.

Don’t run out to the record store just yet, AC/DC has sold exclusive distribution rights to Wal-Mart. This single chain release makes the sheer amount of albums sold all the more stunning.

The album is expected to sell more than 5 million copies worldwide and has topped the charts in 29 countries since its release. But the biggest story isn’t AC/DC’s album, but their quest to take over the world.

Following the steps of bands such as U2, AC/DC are vertically integrating themselves within the market. That is, AC/DC is everywhere. Album release, the cover of Rolling Stone, a World Tour, and most shockingly, a deal with MTV’s Rock Band, giving us an AC/DC video game.

The game, due for release on Nov. 2, features 100 minutes of the legendary band’s music. The game will also be following the exclusive release pattern of Black Ice. The only place you can play along with Angus and the gang is at Wal-Mart or sister store Sam’s Club.

AC/DC is the first band to get their very own game in the Rock Band franchise, but may not be the last. Apparently, the operation to create a special edition Beatles Rock Band is the priority project of the company for 2009.

With the apostles John, George, Paul, and Ringo ensnared by the Rock-game trend it seems only a matter of time until video game releases are standard protocol for bands. With Rock Band and Guitar Hero getting ready for the epic Christmas retail battle, we’ll see a king crowned as the play-along leader.

Whatever may come of this, we’ll still have the classics. We’ll still have our rock stars. We’ll still have AC/DC.

– Jamie Miles, Managing Editor

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