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Leak of the Week 4: Atlas Sound – Logos by Tuan Le

The leaks this week were Kieran Hebded (of Four Tet) & Steve Reid’s NYC, and Los Campesinos’ We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.  Both are pretty interesting, but the big news of this week was the release of Deerhunter’s critically revered Microcastle.

So, the special leak of this week is Atlas Sound’s Logos, headed by Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox.  Logos leaked way back in August with Weird Era, but hasn’t even been announced for release yet.  It’s just an unmastered version of the album, which means it’ll probably go through some changes before its released, but it’s already as good as Microcastle.  Can’t wait to hear the changes when it actually comes out.

Some great tracks on Logos include “The Light That Failed,” “Difference BT,” and the epic, 13-minute long “Quick Canal.”

If you want the story on how Logos and Weird Era leaked, you can head right here where Bradford explains it himself.  It wasn’t hacked, as you may have read around the internets.  And if you ever get a chance to see Deerhunter or Atlas Sound, take it.  It’ll blow your mind.

Logos is due legally sometime next year.

– Tuan Le

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