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Releases of the Week: Thursday & Envy by subsonicd1sc0rd
November 4, 2008, 6:23 am
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Thursday & Envy – Split

The grandeur of the split album is not often appreciated; consumers seem confused by the notion of a band sharing a disc with another. In this case, many will recognize post-hardcore New Jerseyans, Thursday, and then wonder why they would put out a record with obscure Japanese group Envy. Well, it just so happens that both of these bands embody passion for their craft that is rarely matched, proving that their relationship on this split LP is undeniably symbiotic. If I had to establish a theme for this album, it would be “beauty through chaos,” because both bands accurately create atmospheres that are representative of pure human emotion.

Thursday, fronted by Geoff Rickly, show unbelievable growth from their last effort. Their signature sound is still noticeable, but it is the way they let their music breathe that produces most of the magic. In fact, two of the four tracks are instrumental and absolutely stunning. Seriously, listen to “In Silence” and tell me it doesn’t give you goose bumps. When Rickly does join the mix, however, his fluctuating voice effectively complements the frantic instrumentation and adds an element of turmoil with imperfect melodies and dynamic screaming.  Thursday have improved songwriters and their contribution to this split is definitely worth checking out.

I’m being absolutely honest here: Envy’s “An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction,” is my favorite song of 2008 thus far. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have encountered in my life. If you are familiar with post-rock pros such as Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You, picture their climactic brand of intensity with subtle electronic elements and some of the most heart wrenching vocal work ever recorded. This is true screamo, maintaining the spirit of Saetia, Orchid, and other 90’s bands that pioneered this combination of discordance and serenity.

The fact that Envy vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa does not sing in English adds to the sheer power of his delivery. The harsh style he uses truly demonstrates the beauty of the Japanese language; every nuance is equally interesting and emotes desperation that will make you shiver. Another notable aspect of Envy’s music is its unpredictability; each chord change will take you down a completely different path of the emotional spectrum, creating a musical manic-depression.

Believe me when I say that split albums are still relevant, proving to be a format for artists to exude creativity and interact with other artists. You can pick up this album on beautiful vinyl (Temporary Residence Ltd.) or purchase the songs via Amazon Mp3; either way, I highly recommend that you give it a chance if you are a fan of artistic, passionate music with an edge. 

– Jeremy Garber

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