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Editor Picks 50: Goth-Electro by alexandrakish
November 5, 2008, 10:13 pm
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See these two people above?  These are some pretty good-looking people.  They also put out some pretty DAMN good music!

Electro duo Crystal Castles put out their first album in March, and it’s fucking awesome.  The album’s weird combination of lead singer Alice Glass’ screamy yet ethereal vocals, thudding electronic sequences and distorted sampling leads me to categorize it as its own genre: gothic-electro.  On their track, “Alice Practice,” Glasses scratchy voice-work is placed over this eerie electronic sequence that sounds it was recorded off some video game–the kind where it makes a loud, fucked up noise every time you the shoot something.  Other tracks like “Courtship Dating” cast syncopated electronic sequences as the song’s stand-out moment–it’s way creepy but totally innovative–while more traditional songs like “Vanished” keeps you listening with subtle vocal harmonies and simple, dark melodies.  Although some tracks, mainly “Good Time,” remind me of a re-worked Seaseme Street song (this isn’t a compliment), the overall album doesn’t disappoint electro fans.

The band also did a killer remix of Health’s “Crimewave”–which is the sickest noise rock song EVER–and even though they don’t incorporate the orignal song’s drumwork until the very end, the band is able to keep you hooked with its distorted, repetitive vocals and haunting melody.  To  be honest, I don’t even see why they placed the Health song in the remix because the song totally stands on its own without the extra sample, but at least it shows collaboration between two killer bands!

So if you haven’t picked up Crystal Castles’ self-titled debut album yet, get on it because you’re missing out!

– Alex Kish, Reviews Editor

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