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Indstury News Week 4: Kanye, Q-Tip and Abbey Road by Alex Suskind
November 5, 2008, 10:15 pm
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Kanye is Krazy Ziegfeld Theater

Seriously though…what are you doing with yourself Kanye? One of the best hip-hop producers on the scene released a third song, Anyway, off his upcoming album 808s & Heartbreak. Its filled with a T-Pain-ish auto tune voice from Kanye and a cheesy 80s R&B riff (the last two songs he released were just Kanye singing through the auto tune machine as well). I admit that Kanye is not the best rapper out there, but at least when he was doing it he had some awesome beats to back him up. Now I feel like I am listening to half-assed music from some Usher wannabe.

Q-Tip Returns

Today, Q-Tip (from hip-hop trio A Tribe Called Quest) finally released his much anticipated third solo album, The Rennaissance. His first album, Amplified, was released almost ten years ago and was well-received by critics. His second album, Kamaal the Abstract, was shelved because the record company thought it was “un-commercial” (which is too bad because it is really a great album). The new record was almost exclusively produced by Q-Tip himself, save for one beat by the late great J Dilla.

Live from Abbey Road

The Live from Abbey Road concert series will be released on DVD next Tuesday (Nov 11). The footage was filmed during 2006 for the Sundance Channel and featured performances from 38 artists in the historic studio. The DVD will feature two discs with performances by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Manu Chao, the Fratellis, John Mayer and MGMT, just to name a few.

– Alex Suskind

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