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Editor Picks 51: I Wasn’t Talking About Elvis… by Jen
November 11, 2008, 6:13 am
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Unpredictable British rockers These New Puritans have made it on every preliminary list we compile for the section The Five that runs in every issue of 20 Watts. For some reason, though, they’ve never made it into the magazine, so I thought I’d give this strange, addictive group a shout-out on the blog. I can’t stop listening to “Elvis,” the hypnotic electro-garage single from their debut album Beat Pyramid (released last March). I’m not quite sure how I feel about the rest of the album – some of the tracks are a little too relentless in their constant loop of sounds ranging from digital blips to loud, clanging…somethings – but it may grow on me. Seriously, though, check the supremely creepy music video for “Elvis.” It’s weird, but I guarantee you’ll be singing it in your sleep.

– Jen Gramer, FOB Editor

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I love this song so much.

Comment by Alison Baitz

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