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Releases of the Week: Light This City & Attack Attack! by subsonicd1sc0rd
November 11, 2008, 6:11 am
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Light This City – Stormchaser

It is always frustrating to see a talented band break up, especially with so much life seemingly left in their career. Such is the case with San Francisco, California’s Light This City, a group that truly understands how to write blistering metal. Going out with a bang, Light This City have decided to drop their most aggressive, in-your-face record on Prosthetic Records entitled Stormchaser. The production is crystal clear, courtesy of Zack Ohren, and the music sounds enormous and devastatingly heavy. Additionally, members of Light This City have tracked their best performance to date, combining thrash and melodic death metal to create an apocalyptic sound.

Laura Nichol, one of extreme music’s most menacing vocalists, blows away most of her competition, (yes you, Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy) with ease. A song that I feel is demonstrative of the immense skill portrayed on Stormchaser would have to be the second track, “Fragile Heroes”; given a galloping triplet feel courtesy of drummer Ben Murray and bassist Mike Dias, Nichol employs a combination of death growls and impassioned screaming that is sure to give the listener goose bumps. Guitarists Hoffman and Forbes supply constant rhythmic interplay that keeps each riff interesting and moving forward.

At times, it may be hard to differentiate between certain metal releases, as they tend to blend together in a cacophony of distortion. Let me make this very clear; Stormchaser is not only the defining album of Light This City’s discography, it sets the standard for the future of melo-death and captures energy that rivals the onslaught of Slaughter Of The Soul-era At The Gates or Heartwork-era Carcass. If you decide to pick any album up this week, make sure it is Light This City’s swansong, a release that will be remembered.

Attack Attack! – Someday Came Suddenly

Welcome to horror chord heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it). There comes a time where one must admit his or her guilty pleasures, and it’s safe to say that Columbus, Ohio’s Attack Attack! are one of mine. Their ability to play gimmicky electronic pop laced with metallic breakdowns might sound like a recipe for disaster, and it is… a semi-enjoyable disaster. Picture Metro Station’s Trace Cyrus down-tuning his guitar and screaming rather than playing power chords and creepily whispering. Even though this might sound as equally disturbing, it makes for an entertaining listen. 

If you are completely opposed to cheesy synthesizers and auto-tuned vocals a la T-Pain, stay away from this release. However, if you can handle a mainstream touch to your “metal” (post-hardcore, nu-screamo, whatever you want to call it…), take a listen to “Stick Stickly” and prepare to be surprised. Whether you dig them or not, Attack Attack! are en route to becoming the hottest band on Rise Records and a favorite among scenesters with ridiculous hair. Lyrically and musically, Someday Came Suddenly might not make much sense, but that is the beauty of a debut as random as this one.

– Jeremy Garber

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