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Editor Picks 55: Lesser Birds of Paradise by 20watts
November 13, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Imagine the following scenario for me:

You’re a Syracuse University student leaving class on a Thursday afternoon.  You’ve been awake since 6 that morning and you’re absolutely exhausted; unfortunately, you need to make the long trudge from Newhouse to Euclid in the wind and pouring rain.  It’s late fall, and the very season induces nostalgia.  You have half a mind to drop out of school and take a drive across the country.  You put on your headphones and adjust your scarf.  You press the play button.  And the first song you here – the PERFECT song for this setting – is the heart-wrenchingly warm “Do You Remember When,” by the Lesser Birds of Paradise

The Lesser Birds of Paradise are a three-piece indie folk/alt-country act from Chicago.  Their sparse, honest acoustic melodies are strongly reminescent of fellow Illinois native Sufjan Stevens; unlike Stevens, however, there’s no eery undertones to the Lesser Birds, and they avoid the grandiose, cinematic arrangements that Stevens sometimes turns to.  On the contrary, the Lesser Birds are all about understatement, and it’s their simplicity and diffused tenderness that ultimately sets them apart.  There’s something very pure – and very nostalgic – and very rainy-day-in-fall – about their crooning, bare bones style. 

Their latest release, The Bored Love EP, is available for free download here.  Enjoy!

– Caitlin Dewey


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