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Editor Picks 56: “Happiness” is Oregon by Jen
November 17, 2008, 6:35 am
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So hopefully not everyone is getting sick of me talking about my hometown of Portland, Ore. (If you are, I apologize, but I really can’t stop!) Anyway, this week I thought I’d feature another band from Seattle’s smaller, hipper sister city: Church – not to be confused with Australian atmospheric rockers The Church. The group, comprised of four native Oregonians (two of which are percussion players, lending some interesting textures to their work), is set to release their first EP Gold later this year, and aim to release a full-length album in March. Church’s off-kilter, melodious and self-described “avant-garde pop” is best enjoyed with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. But it’s far from depressing, no worries. The first two cuts of Gold, “Clouds” and “Happiness” are both catchy, expansive, and lush pieces of “poppified chamber music” that will have you in a trance by the time they’ve finished. Check out the whimsical “Happiness,” grab a cup of good coffee, and lose yourself.

– Jen Gramer, Senior Editor

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