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Releases of the Week: 88-Keys and Jurassic 5 by zegoldst
November 17, 2008, 6:46 am
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88 –Keys – The Death of Adam

This New York City producer was so inspired by Price Paul’s and De La Soul’s 3 Feet High And Rising that he decided it was time for him to start producing. His debut effort is an album that hints at what will come next. The talent and effort that is found on this album is extraordinary and his break out role as a rapper and producer will make him a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop community.

The Death of Adam follows a man who is sick of being pegged as a “nice guy.” It takes the listener through the journey of his misfortunes and sometimes hilarious happenings.  At the end of each song a woman who is talking to her friend about Adam (the man) sets up the story for the next track telling a bit more about what happened to Adam. The best track on the album is a whimsical but punchy electronic song featuring Kanye West.  “Stay Up! (Viagra)” is an amazingly produced track that shows the full potential of 88-Keys.

Overall, this album shows what this producer will eventually accomplish and although many of his beats seem unsophisticated it promises great things yet to come.

Best Track: “Stay Up! (Viagra) featuring. Kanye West”

jurassic-5-epJurassic 5 – EP Deluxe Edition

When I saw this album sitting on the shelf at Borders I was overwhelmed with joy. Jurassic 5’s J5 EP was my first hip-hop purchase many years ago and would lead the way for a lifetime of appreciation. This album contains the original EP along with some hidden masterpieces that were previously unreleased.  Producer Cut Chemist recently left the group and it has been up to DJ Nu-Mark to stay as the sole producer of J5’s new beats. So, as you can imagine for me, it’s nice to get back to the old groove and listen once again to Cut Chemist’s wonders created before he decided to leave.

The unreleased tracks are not incredible and as my Dad always told me “unreleased tracks are usually unreleased for a reason.”  But “Long Road To Glory” exemplifies Chali 2na’s ability to come up with experimental rhyme schemes and riffs.

Overall, the original album is still the best.  “Concrete Schoolyard” is still one of my favorite hip-hop tracks.  If you’re looking to get back into hip-hop because you’ve lost your faith this is the perfect way.

Best Track: “Concrete Schoolyard”

– Zach Goldstein


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