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Releases of the Week: Architect & International Superheroes Of Hardcore by subsonicd1sc0rd


Architect – Ghost Of The Saltwater Machines

Every winter, Syracuse is a gloomy, cold place with limited sunshine, aggressive wind, and an abundance of snow. This weather forecast is nothing new, and although those living here during this dismal time will often feel down in the dumps, you have Syracuse’s own Architect to help you take out your frustration. With their second full length entitled Ghost Of The Saltwater Machines, Architect has created an extremely violent masterpiece.

I have to admit that I did not really find Architect’s first album, All Is Not Lost, to be that memorable; it certainly was heavy, but it did not seem to flow (partly due to distracting “interludes”). When I was done listening to the new disc for the first time, my mouth was left wide open. I have never heard a band that could be so extremely demolishing and catchy at the same time. Although vocalist Keith Allen’s delivery will leave you shaking, he is very easy to understand. This alone distinguishes Architect from the competition.

Ok, so it’s heavy… and from Syracuse… so what? Unlike many bands from the area, Architect aren’t looking to play fast, punk-oriented hardcore. Their sound can be best described as progressive sludge metal. The music is unpredictable and relies on turtle-like tempos to bombard the listener from all angles. Thanks to the improved production, the guitar work is noticeably darker and more dissonant; not to mention that every cymbal hit from Anthony Michel is clearly articulated in the mix for supreme brutality.

If you anticipate that the upcoming winter will be long and painful, latch onto Architect’s powerful lyrics such as: We face these trials one day at a time/We move these mountains one stone at a time/I’m not alone when I say/Fuck tomorrow/Live for today. These words, along with many others, will undoubtedly fuel crowd participation and make their live show a ferocious experience. So what are you waiting for? Take a chance on Ghost Of The Saltwater Machines and avoid the cold by raging at an Architect show.


International Superheroes Of Hardcore – Takin’ It Ova

Have you ever been to a hardcore show and found it to be way too somber? If all the kids are there to have a good time, why do most of them look so serious? Coming to save the day, New Found Glory’s alter ego, the International Superheroes Of Hardcore have emerged to spread a light-hearted message and provide the hardcore community with much needed comic relief. 

Tackling topics that range from E-bay to trendy “screamo”, these hardcore veterans have created an album that is more relevant to the scene than Terror’s latest release (ouch!). Also, since New Found Glory often appeals to a young demographic, this release will help a new generation of kids identify with the true ideals of hardcore music. Credibility is definitely not an issue either; Bridge Nine Records are behind this project.

Takin’ It Ova is one of the most fun listening experiences I’ve had in recent memory. I truly think that this release has come out at a relevant time, as new show-goers are forgetting that they are going to see a concert for the MUSIC! As Captain Straight-Edge, also known as Chad Gilbert, fervently shouts on “Fashion Show”: A fashion show/You know what I mean/A bunch of trendy kids/Ruin my scene. So take note scenesters! I implore you to listen to this super group, learn a few things, and have a good laugh.

– Jeremy Garber

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