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Releases of the Week: The Fall Of Troy & Bring Me The Horizon by subsonicd1sc0rd
December 1, 2008, 10:07 pm
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The Fall Of TroyPhantom On The Horizon

In my opinion, Thomas Erak is one of the most talented guitarists I have ever heard play. His shredding skills and distinctive vocals have catapulted The Fall Of Troy to the forefront of progressive music and deserve recognition by all music aficionados. It is safe to say that The Fall Of Troy have made a huge impact so far in their career, and now fans will be able to own the infamous Ghostship demos as a reworked piece of music known as Phantom On The Horizon. Combining everything this trio has to offer, including complex polyrhythms, mind-numbing chord progressions, and a perfect mix of melody and dissonance, this release is essential to own.

Take “Chapter V: The Walls Bled Lust” for example. This track has been around for a very long time, but the current lineup of The Fall Of Troy are able to breathe new life into it. Frank Black, newly employed bassist and vocalist, makes a stunning recorded debut, as can be heard on the earth-shattering breakdown around the 5:50 mark; his vicious growl and inspired low-end attack are unbelievable assets to the band. Drummer Andrew Forsman has improved tremendously; he drives Phantom On The Horizon with creative fills and effective syncopation.

This is a perfect time for a release by The Fall Of Troy because it will undoubtedly hold fans over until their 2009 album. I must stress that this does not feel like an album of older material, it is just as strong as anything else these guys have put out and I highly encourage any fan of concept records or forward-thinking music in general to check out such an important part of this band’s legacy.


Bring Me The HorizonSuicide Season

If there’s any heavy band that is hot at the moment, it’s Bring Me The Horizon. Emerging from England in 2004, the group was met with significant notoriety with their chaotic blend of metal and hardcore. Their debut EP, This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For, showcased Botch-inspired riffing and the manic scream of vocalist Oli Sykes. In 2006, Bring Me The Horizon released Count Your Blessings, a full-length disc that connected with people around the world. After touring heavily in Europe and the United States, these Brits have released Suicide Season, a lackluster and dull follow-up to their previously promising releases.

Many fans will be drawn to the crystal-clear production and accessible feel to the album, but this simply isn’t enough to win me over. The music has been significantly dumbed down; there are no memorable guitar leads or riffs, just Slipknot-like chugging. Also, Oli has expanded his vocal range, a move that feels extremely forced. His high and low screams remain devastating, but the mid-range yell he employs is very distracting and annoying. Don’t even get me started on the lyrics… they are atrocious. It’s almost as if Oli is unsure if he wants the band to be taken seriously or not, as the topics range from dealing with suicide to partying until you pass out and die. Ridiculous.

In the end, I know this album will sell really well and appeal to the ever-growing fan base that Bring Me The Horizon have accumulated, but I do not understand how anybody could listen to this and be genuinely impressed. I do have to say that it is mandatory you listen to “No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Back Of Toilet Doors” because it’s hilarious; yes, Oli actually says: After everything you put me through/I should have fucking pissed on you. If this is not a hint that Bring Me The Horizon has become a laughing stock, I don’t know what is. Avoid considering suicide by not purchasing Suicide Season this holiday season.

– Jeremy Garber

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