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Deal Or No Deal? by shabutie31
February 11, 2009, 12:36 am
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Today nothing is sacred in the music industry. Capitalist agendas have overshadowed those of their artists and successfully allowed the suffocation of art in all forms of major media outlets. Clear Channel successfully killed radio; Viacom pushed MTV from music to reality; and now the Holy Grail, the concert industry, is about to be controlled by a monopoly of sorts. Ticketmaster, the be-all and end-all when it comes to ticketing, has entered into talks with Live Nation, a powerhouse of venues and artists, with hopes of merging.

Oh great! Like behemoth corporations haven’t already done enough to oversaturate the market with commercial garbage, now we’ve got two big players coming together to umbrella the live concert industry?

What’s on the agenda you ask? Is it music? The answer is a resounding NO. Money, capital, the all mighty dollar is the force behind this marriage proposal. Today we complain about Ticketmaster and their high service charges, but what does this merger mean for the future of ticket prices? Who knows what tricks these two have up their sleeves, especially when they’ll have unfettered access to countless mega-pop acts, over 15o venues, and the standard ticketing services.

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