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Releases of the Week: Irepress & Thursday by subsonicd1sc0rd
February 15, 2009, 10:35 pm
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Irepress – Sol Eye Sea I

There are very few bands that can take an amalgamation of genres and effectively convey beauty, disorder, tranquility and desolation in the same piece of music. With the first Irepress album in four years, this progressive group has created an auditory adventure that focuses on the rhythmic complexity of metal and the gorgeous atmosphere of post-rock. The use of keyboards and electronic elements are nice additions to the standard setup; such layering allows Sol Eye Sea I to be more diverse than their debut, Samus Octology. In addition, vocals are used sparsely to accent certain sections, as seen with the group chants and delicate melodies in the epic “Cyette Phiur”. Irepress are completely aware that each element of their music has a specific function and this subtle use of voice is a truly remarkable display of instrumentation.

Despite the fact that many bands, nowadays, experiment with a wide variety of musical styles, Irepress stand out because they are able to seamlessly transition their unique blend of ideas. As a result, their music flows beautifully and it is impossible not to be captivated. Opening track “Diaspora” is possibly the essential Irepress song, combining off-time breakdowns, jazzy guitar leads and a heartbreaking string section, it is memorable as well as extremely original.

Though this talented group will likely remain under the radar of most, it is essential that every music fan give this disc a listen. Sol Eye Sea I has something to offer everyone, especially those that are open-minded and fond of creative composition. Fans of Meshuggah and Mono, unite! This is exactly what music needs.

Thursday – Common Existence

Late last year, practiced post-hardcore champions, Thursday, released a split with Japanese screamo band, Envy. This collaboration was surprisingly successful, as Thursday brought out their diverse palette of influences to write one of the best songs of their career,  “As He Climbed The Dark Mountain”. This track surrounds the listener with a haunting aura as vocalist, Geoff Rickly, sings with unmatched emotion. Common Existence is a continuation of this approach and one of the best Thursday albums to date.

Rejoining forces with producer Dave Fridmann (responsible for the controversial production on 2006’s A City By The Light Divided), Thursday continue to prove to everyone that their brand of raw rock is the real deal. In fact, this could be their masterpiece. Taking the mixture of melody and angst from Full Collapse and War All The Time, the band’s more mature song-writing approach adds a new dimension to a generally outdated sound. Keyboardist Andrew Everding’s contributions are absolutely brilliant; on “Time’s Arrow”, for example, the synthesizer drives the song to a haunting climax. 

Thursday have successfully reinvented themselves to remain relevant in the ever-evolving music world. Though Common Existence does not stray completely from past work, it is undoubtedly more confident and sonically pleasing. Pick this album up and hear for yourself.

 – Jeremy Garber

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