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Releases of the Week: Blu & Exile and The Beastie Boys by zegoldst
February 16, 2009, 5:10 am
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Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens

It’s incredibly rare that you find a rapper/ producer duo with as much charisma and skill as Blu & Exile. Blu, the emcee, raps about California, girls, heartbreak and having a good time. With their first release they blow a breath of fresh air into the hip-hop community. Exile produces beats that are perfect for any situation and although the album doesn’t flow beautifully the production makes the album bounce.

Blu Collar Worker” is a fun song about explaining to your girl that you need to work more. Exile layers this track with soulful piano and a loose horn section. Blu kills this beat with his unique rap flow and surprisingly good vocals. This track is a perfect; roll the windows down, chill in the summertime song and its bounce will drive most beat junkies crazy.

Overall, Blu & Exile strike it right and prove that the Cali sound is here to stay. It won’t be too long before these two are a household name in hip-hop.  “Below the Heavens” is where the truth is.

Best Track: Greater Love


The Beastie Boys – The Mix-Up

As brilliant as this trio is, I was hoping they had begun rapping together once again. Don’t get me wrong though, this album is great and the beats show off their true talent. The funky breaks on this album are absurd and it’s hard not to recognize these guys as some of the best producers and  hip-hop artists.

Overall, this album encompasses all that you want to hear from beat makers in their mid-forties. Although it is an interesting compilation of tracks I wish they would put down the beat machine and pick up a mic.

Best Track: B For My Name

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