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Editor’s Pick #68: “Shut the F*** Up” by jpoinier
February 23, 2009, 2:43 am
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Marshall St. has its fair share of good times, but Saturday’s display of dancing stirred up longing memories of another street, a street where college kids really can dance. Or should I say rave?


Setting: My semester abroad- Dance floor somewhere on Cape Town, South Africa’s Long St.

Plot: A girl stands at the bar. DJ changes the track. Techno hits ear. Enlightened, head-banging/foot-tapping moment occurs. Dance floor erupts with the chorus. Girl is never the same. 


Conclusion: Girl is back in snowy college-town. She remembers the song. Her Google search is successful. She presses play, closes her eyes and mentally flies across the Atlantic.


It’s simple. It’s blunt. I love it: Mouth to Mouth’s remix of “Shut the F*** Up.”

– Jackie Poinier, Co-blog editor

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