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Nothing Gold Can Stay… by shabutie31
February 24, 2009, 5:15 am
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This year’s Grammy Awards helped prove that major record labels and the white haired dinosaurs that run them have lost a great deal of their importance in today’s industry. With all of the money and star power allotted between the Big 4, you would think that independent labels don’t stand a chance to win Grammy’s, however this year it was just the opposite. Independents made a case for their importance in 2009 by taking just over 50% of the awards.

It’s about time independent labels reaped the benefits of their hard work and were finally acknowledged by their peers for their success. While the major’s were twiddling their thumbs in the face of change, independents took the bull by the horns, creating innovative solutions to producing revenue in a market that no longer relies on physical product sales.

What really makes my head spin is the fact that the majors weren’t behind the most prestigious awards of the event. Both Album of the Year and Record of the Year we’re taken by the underdog and rightfully so! Let’s raise our glasses boys and girls; this years Grammy ceremony calls for a toast to the dawn of the era of the Independents!

– Mike George

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