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Editor’s Pick#73: Lady Sovereign??? Meh. by tjwell01
February 25, 2009, 7:00 am
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For those of you who don’t know who Lady Sovereign is, here’s the run-down: She’s a white, female, British rapper from North London, discovered by Jay-Z, who raps like a bratty tomboy and dresses like a dork.

At first, I thought she was intriguing because her image is so unique. There aren’t any other types of other artists out there like her, however, I’m starting find her really annoying. It’s not so much what she raps about, but how she raps. Like I said, she sounds like a 13-year-old who doesn’t know when to shut up. It also doesn’t help that her beats only make her sound more choppy and obnoxious.

I’m starting to have my doubts that this girl will ever break out. She’s talented and has the image, but she might remain only as a circus act, rather than be taken seriously as a rapper.

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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