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Editor’s Pick #82: Family Fodder by Alison Baitz
March 5, 2009, 7:51 pm
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I refuse to ever neglect an act from the 80s. Family Fodder is no different. I found them while looking around on Last.fm, and now I can’t stop listening. Some of their songs are moody and reminiscent of one of my other favorites, Broadcast. But most of FF’s songs are upbeat and quirky, sort of like Deerhoof, but less artsy and with an adorable French singer who’s still working on her English. Above is a video someone made to go along with their song “Debbie Harry,” which is all about the New Waver’s apparent same sex tendencies. Never has the promise/threat to have someone’s babies sounded so endearing.

-Alison Baitz, Editor-in-Chief

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