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Releases of the Week: Brother Ali & P.O.S. by zegoldst
March 15, 2009, 8:52 pm
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Brother Ali, “The Truth Is Here”

There really aren’t any ways in which Brother Ali could separate himself more from the modern rap world.  He’s an independent rapper with an ego bigger than Kanye’s and when it comes to influences, it’s the Koran. His newest release, though disappointingly short at only 9 tracks, packs a punch. The Truth Is Here acts as a bridge between his breakout record The Undisputed Truth, released in 2007, and what is yet to come. He meets up with familiar friend Slug from Atmosphere on “The Believers” and hits harder on some of the funkiest breaks to hit the hip-hop world.

The best track on the album, “Palm the Joker” is more of a catchy soul hymn than a rap song.  Ali raps more about the Koran and our(?) own personalities. The song is composed with sped-up strings and a singer that screams as if caught in a song that is alien to her. This track does more to sum up what Ali stands for and what he wants to do in the future. His funky soul style and ability to move around a track with grace enables him to be more than a rapper. He becomes a preacher.

Ali has grown into himself and his flow hasn’t changed a bit. His soul and blues roots shine through in the album, blending old and new. The album is made of unreleased tracks by Brother Ali and super-producer Ant, but the truth is here and he’s got something to say

Best Track: “Palm the Joker”

20080718_pos7_33-7021571P.O.S. – Never Better

Never have I heard a rapper so perfectly mesh with fellow artists on one label. When P.O.S. wants to he can flow like Slug but if he feels so inclined and can switch it to be lighter and less harsh. He is one of the more versatile rappers I’ve heard in a while and I think Rhymesayers Entertainment should be thanking their lucky stars they snagged such a talent.

“Goodbye,” the track that diverges most from his “normal” sound, shows what P.O.S. can do if he continues with his soul and rock influences. On “Optimist (We Are Not for Them)” he channels Slug with his rough drums, harsh tone, strange flow and rhyming patterns.

Overall, P.O.S. will be an interesting artist to watch and I don’t think it will take long for him to gain an underground following rivaling that of Atmosphere or even Brother Ali.

Best Track: “Goodybye

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