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Emerging Artists: Titus Andronicus by carlywolkoff

Titus Andronicus has gone through eighteen band members in just three years.  From this fact alone, one could deduce that the band is far more influenced by Shakespeare’s most gory, volatile play than even the band name implies. Just kidding. Shakespeare is not the only one to influence Titus Andronicus—the band’s debut album, The Airing of Grievances, eclectically references Camus and Brueghel, as well as Hunter S. Thompson and Seinfeld.

Like fellow Jerseyans, Bruce Springsteen, Yo La Tengo, and Akon, Titus Andronicus successfully manages to encapsulate the Jersey experience in their fiery music. Each song off the album builds off the previous one, constructing never-ending thunderous excitement. Lead singer, Patrick Stickles’ voice reaches Conor Oberst-like wailings, without reaching Oberst-like pretentiousness — in fact, the band reminds me a lot like early Bright Eyes, but rawer, more fun, and without the obnoxiously inscrutable lyrics. Definitely check out their Daytrotter session.

-Carly Wolkoff

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