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How To: Legitimize Mash-Up Music by shabutie31
March 20, 2009, 3:12 pm
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After watching my classmates battle head to head with a famous composer over Girl Talk’s controversial use of unlicensed samples and the related legal issue of copyright infringement, it got me wondering. How could Girl Talk possibly make these major labels happy? These are the same spoiled sports that vehemently pulled their artist’s videos from YouTube and laughed at Steve Jobs when he introduced them to the beta version of iTunes.

If someone was to try and make music such as Girl Talk’s and abide by the major labels fees for using the samples, there would be no possible way for an up-and-coming artist to afford it. If this were indeed the scenario, the barrier to entry would be so high that mash-up music would cease to exist all together. 

Recently, the major record labels have be entering into licensing agreements with YouTube in order to create revenue from the most popular videos on YouTube, music videos. This got me thinking…if these mash-up artists created a mash-up video, then all of the labels could split the licensing fees recouped from the video, thereby making money from mash-up music. Then I found DJ Earworm’s music video for “United States of Pop 2008 [Viva La Pop]”. Peep it after the jump…

Looks like someone’s got the right idea. Now its just time for the major labels to jump on board, but as they’ve proven in the past, this may be a long time coming.

– Michael George, Industry News

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