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Editor’s Pick #90: Cleveland is the CIty by alpolste

While I was home in Cleveland over break, I remembered how much I loved the music coming out of Cleveland right now! Clevelander Kid Cudi recently hit it big with “Day ‘N’ Nite.” But two other artists, Alex Fitts and Matt Penttila, who make up the group The Kickdrums have been making leaps behind the scenes and are now finally coming into the spotlight. The duo produced and remixed countless songs for rappers 50 Cent, Chamillionaire, Yung Joc, and Talib Kweli as well as fellow Clevelanders Kid Cudi and Ray Cash. Their new album, Just A Game EP, comes out soon. Their first single (already available online), “Just A Game,” has a completely unexpected sound that breaks away from their typical hip-hop work. This album is truly their own; Just A Game EP is the first album where the duo really perform by themselves rather than just produce tracks for other artists. 

A track off an old album, Smash the System: “Do Ya Job” featuring Ray Cash and Scarface:



Their new single: “Just a Game,” which makes a clean break from their hip-hop roots:


-Allison Polster, Copy Editor


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