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Harlem Shakes’ Album Drops by elizabethareid
March 24, 2009, 12:24 pm
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Just in time for spring, one of my favorite newly discovered bands (although they’ve been up-and-coming in the Brooklyn scene for years), Harlem Shakes, releases their ultra-sunny, upbeat and partially Latin-flavored album, Technicolor Health, today.

The long-awaited album is the quintet’s first full-length and filled with poppy tempos, blending harmonies and catchy lyrics– a perfect antidote for a cloudy day (think the Beach Boys of Williamsburg). Although it might seem a bit too Brady Bunch for the college crowd, the band plays the line well. The sometime syrupy voices and melodies are contrasted by real-life lyrics. But, see for yourself. Check out one of my favorite tracks, “Niagara Falls,” here or the entire album here.

–Elizabeth A Reid, Asst. Blog Editor

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I agree, Niagra Falls is probably one of the best tracks, but they’re all great. I want to see this group come to SU so0o0o0o much.

Comment by Sean

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