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20 Watts XCLUS!VE: The Return of Ra Ra Riot Podcast!! by caitlindewey
March 28, 2009, 6:10 pm
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Are y’all super psyched for tonight’s Ra Ra Riot show at the Westcott?!?  We at 20 Watts are so excited to see the return of SU’s coolest alumnae, we’ve created an entire podcast on the subject!  Click the photo below for a history of the band, with commentary by 20 Watts editors and contributors, as well as exclusive photographs from Ra Ra’s last performance at SU.


Don’t forget to check out 20 Watts next week for more exclusive multimedia coverage of on-campus shows and concerts.

See you at the Westcott!

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Nice job, Caitlin. How do I make a podcast? Sounds like fun.

Comment by Jett Wells

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