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Emerging Artists: Yelle by carlywolkoff
March 31, 2009, 6:08 pm
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So, like Jett mentioned, All Points West announced the lineup for the Summer 2009 festival. As expected, it is SICK and I am faced with the dilemma of deciding which day I want to go. I’ve come to the conclusion the only way to go about solving such a predicament is to Google the artists I’ve never heard in order to make a completely informed decision. Thank you, Yelle—Saturday, August 1st it is.

Somehow, the French have the magical ability to morph anything trashy into complete sophistication—smoking, hairiness, and electronic music. Bad joke, I know. But before hearing Yelle, I couldn’t stomach electronic music for the life of me, except for, coincidentally, Daft Punk and Justice (both French). Clearly, the French are among the few talented enough to do electronic music right as well as make it sound like some of the most melodious shit to ever hit my ears.

The irony rests in the fact that in much of Yelle’s music, which sounds as lovely as any Rimbaud poem, she’s actually singing about sex toys, flings with random men, and other “taboo” subjects. Good for her. She is a variation of Brigitte Bardot—just as racy and iconic (potentially) but with some modern twists like M.I.A.’s fashion sense and Madonna’s rebellious energy. Yelle is Euro-Pop at its finest.

So thank you, Yelle, once again. Not only for making my All Points West conundrum significantly easier, but also for making one of the most unlistenable genres of music palatable and even enjoyable.

–Carly Wolkoff


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Interesting. I’m going with Sunday for MGMT, We Are Scientists, Coldplay, Lykke Li and another french techno artist…Etienne De Crecy. Should be good.

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