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Subscription Based Music Services To The Rescue by shabutie31
March 31, 2009, 10:25 am
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In boardrooms across the globe label execs are pondering their next key move in the battle against piracy. It may come as a shock, especially with the booming success of iTunes, however only 5% of all online music downloads are legal.

One sunny afternoon while anxiously twittering the intern to bring them some more damn coffee, these execs decided it’d be a good idea to drop this war on the individual and bring it straight to the source: the Internet Service Providers (ISP). In typical Major Label fashion, discussions have formed and dismantled between both parties, due to the unrealistic expectations of the majors.

I used to be a non-believer in subscription based music services. I mean, who doesn’t want to own a physical copy of something they just paid for. Then I got to thinking…every song at my fingertips, whenever, wherever I’d like, boy oh boy, that sounds like downright bliss. While such services aren’t new, its just taken AGES for the majors to get on board and license all of the catalogs to one subscription provider with a well-built interface capable of supporting the subscription based model.

Maybe its time we look around the globe for influence on how to re-build our tattered industry. Luckily, the forward thinkers at Google have began a free legal music downloading service in China which will generate revenue through advertising. Its exciting to see a nation rampant with piracy taking innovative approaches to fairly compensate the artists for their works.

So at last, I ask of all the label execs out there to trust me on this one, we get it, we know, everyone is hurting. The glory days of the CD are behind you and you’re stuck standing in the shadow of your former income, but I swear to you there is light at the end of this tunnel. Open up your mind, accept that things are vastly different then they once were and perhaps you can learn to adapt to these changes instead of going extinct…

– Michael George, Industry News

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